What is Sign-Hub?

Sign-Hub is a digital platform with resources relating to sign languages and cultures of Deaf communities.

Which institution is supporting the Sign-Hub project?

European Commision, Horizon 2020 Projects (European Union Research and Innovation Fund)

Which institution is conducting the Sign-Hub project in Turkey?

Bogazici University, Linguistics Department, Turkish Sign Language group

What is included in the Sign-Hub digital platform?

This platform consists of four components:

1) Interactive, online sign language grammar books

•Comprehensive grammar books of 6 sign languages spoken in Europe

•These languages are German Sign Language (DGS), Catalan Sign Language (LCS), Dutch Sign Language (NGT), Italian Sign Language (LIS), Spanish Sign Language (LSE) and Turkish Sign Language (TID)

2) Atlas of sign languages

An interactive language atlas showing the linguistic features of sign languages of the world.

3) Language tests aiming at identifying the causes of language disorders of deaf people

•These tests aim at identifying the language levels of deaf people who suffer from language disorders due to old age or an accident.

•This assessment study will be carried out for only Catalan Sign Language (LCS), Italian Sign Language (LIS), French Sign Language (LSF), Israeli Sign Language (ISL) and Spanish Sign Language (LSE)

4) Cultural Heritage Archive

A digital archive of life narratives of Deaf people over the age of 70 and a documentary on the cultural heritage of European Deaf communities

How can I access the Sign-Hub digital platform?

The platform is under construction now.
The platform will become accessible when the Project is completed by March 31, 2020.

Which countries are participating in the Sign-Hub project?

Germany, France, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Israel and Turkey

What is the duration of the Sign-Hub project?

Between April 1st, 2016 and March 31st, 2020

Where can I get more information about the Sign-Hub project?

You can find more detailed information in the other sections of this website.